People are our business. The SecureWorld difference begins very early on, in the recruitment and selection phase of our personnel. Not all applicants to SecureWorld are selected, and not all applicants are deemed suitable. Only people with the right type of attitude and qualifications are selected to continue on in the employment process. At SecureWorld, we ensure that all our security officers are highly trained and have the necessary tools and support to help your business run safely and smoothly. Our security officers can be deployed at a large array of applications, including; shopping centers, commercial buildings, hotels and resorts, college and university campuses, distribution centers and airports. Our security officers do more than just patrol hallways and react to security threats; they fully integrate all of your security plans and procedures to help enable your business to reach its fullest potential.

SecureWorld Benefits

  • Crime prevention and response – Our security officers are trained to deter criminal activity as well as respond appropriately if and when it occurs.
  • Image protection and projection – You can be assured as your ambassadors, our staff while working at your property will project a professional image at all times and will always act in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Quick response time – While police response times can vary greatly, having an on-site security team will ensure that you have a swift response at all times.
  • Custom security training – When you hire a SecureWorld security officer, their training will be custom-tailored to meet your company’s needs. It is our mandate to provide your company with security officers who are trained in the most effective procedures and policies to enhance your company’s productivity and success.
  • Experienced management team – Our management team has the experience necessary to support any sort of facility and have the ability to administer a high quality service to you.

Our Security Services

  • Armed and unarmed uniformed and non uniformed security officers
  • K9 officers
  • Cash in transit services
  • Armed rapid response teams
  • Executive Protection
  • Procedures and techniques to address all situations
  • Property patrols and incident response
  • Company asset protection
  • Property, personnel and customer protection
The SecureWorld Way
The SecureWorld Way is the term that we use at SecureWorld to talk about our management style and way of doing business. Built on 5 strategic principles, the SecureWorld Way helps guide or growth and attracts key employees with a vision for the future success of the organization.




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