President's Message

As security continues to take centre stage in enterprises around the world, it is paramount for us as service providers to be up to date on the latest trends methodologies and techniques and to be able to successfully apply that knowledge in the administration of our services to your world class properties.

One of the major trends that has developed over the past few years is that security is no longer an afterthought, nor is the role of the security officer. Perhaps the greatest trigger in the evolution of the security officer’s role lies in the alignment between security and business objectives. Security is no longer just about patrolling halls and slapping wrists. Rather, it is about enabling business. This is clearly understood and adhered to by SecureWorld. Our professional security officers and management team buy in to the core values and corporate culture of the company or property for which they serve. We train them to understand how their role will affect that business’ bottom line and what they can do to ensure that the property that they serve is successful. Our staff understand that their roles or job descriptions are more blended than that of the traditional sense and that they are more and more an integral part of business retention.

This core principle that our organization and staff help enable business and assist in the success of your business, differentiates us from the rest of the service providers in the Caribbean and Latin American countries. We continue to position ourselves as your business partner and business enabler, and not just a service provider.

As we move toward the future, we will continue innovating and building on the strengths of our past - our strong reputation and unwavering commitment to your business’ success. 

We are committed to adding value to our clients through service excellence. We look forward to the future and to demonstrating our strong business partnership to you and your organization.

The SecureWorld Way
The SecureWorld Way is the term that we use at SecureWorld to talk about our management style and way of doing business. Built on 5 strategic principles, the SecureWorld Way helps guide or growth and attracts key employees with a vision for the future success of the organization.




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